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happy hour

Mon-Thurs from 3 - 7 PM (No Happy Hour Fri-Sun)

Half Off Appetizers on Brat pocket, munich cheese spread, Smoked Pork Loin, or Pretzel

German, Swiss, Black Forest, or Hungarian sausage $4.50



Cheese & Egg Salad 3.95
Swiss Cheese & Egg Salad served w/ toasted German Bread
Alpine Cold Cut Plate 3.95
Thin sliced Pork Loin and assorted German Meats served w/ German Bread
Brat Pockets 3.95
Ground beef, mushrooms & onions in a puff pastry
Munich Cheese Spread 7.95
Camembert Cheese Spread. Served with homemade liverwurst & pretzel
Smoked Pork Loin 8.95
Thin sliced pork loin, served with a pretzel
Schnitzel Fingers 3.95
Thin slices of tender Chicken Breast Breaded and Pan Fried Served w/ French Fries
Kartoffelpuffer 3.95
German Potato Pancakes Served w/ Sour Cream
BB Hunter’s Burger 9.95
Wild Boar & Elk Burger served w/ Grilled Tomatoes, Onions, Sautéed Mushrooms, Bacon, Lettuce, Pickles and Fries
Pretzel 1.95
Giant Pretzel 5.95
Garlic Fries with Parmesan Cheese 3.95

Brats (traditional)

All sausages are served on a french roll
*All meals are served with 2 sides of your choice.

Uncooked Brats (6 Per Pack. Mix and Match) 22.95 per pack
Brat & Bun Meal*
German 4.95 11.95
Veal, Pork
Swiss 4.95 11.95
Mild Veal
Currywurst 4.95
Served w/ French Fries and Curry Ketchup
Polish 6.95 11.95
Smoked Pork
Hungarian 4.95 11.95
Spicy Smoked Pork
Black Forest 4.95 11.95
Smoked Pork w/ Black Forest Ham & Bacon
Bavarian 6.95 11.95
Beer Infused Smoked Pork
The Big Cheese 6.95 11.95
Swiss Cheese Infused Smoked Pork
The 'Other' Big Cheese 6.95 11.95
Cheddar Infused Smoked Pork
Hot Italian 6.95 11.95
Pork & Italian Spices
Rancher 6.95 11.95
Smoked Beef & Garlic
Hot Texan 6.95 11.95
Spicy Smoked Beef
French 6.95 11.95
Chicken, Apple, Cinnamon
Alabama Yard Bird 6.95 11.95
Spicy Smoked Chicken
Gobbler 6.95 11.95
Smoked Turkey
The Barnyard 6.95 11.95
Smoked Beef, Pork, Lamb, Turkey
Santa Fe Fire 7.95 12.95
Beef, Pork, Jalepenos, Habaneros, Onions, Cilantro
Frankfurter 6.95 11.95
All Beef Hot Dog - 12" long
All American 5.95 10.95
Grilled Hebrew National
Veggie 5.95 10.95
Soy and Veggies
Sampler Platter
4 Mini Brats (German, Swiss, Black Forest, Hungarian) served with Grandma's Sauerkraut and Pretzel 15.95

Brats (exotic)

All Brats come with one free topping
All sausages are served on a french roll
*All meals are served with 2 sides of your choice

Brat & Bun Meal*
Wild West 7.95 12.95
Buffalo & Burgundy
New Zealander 7.95 12.95
Spicy Lamb
Swamp Thing 7.95 12.95
Smoked Alligator
Austrian 7.95 12.95
Smoked Venison and Port
Rocky Mountain Elk 7.95 12.95
Smoked Elk sausage
Outback Roo 7.95 12.95
Smoked Kangaroo sausage
Cajun 7.95 12.95
Wild Boar Andouille


Grandma's Sauerkraut (warm) 2.95
Plain Sauerkraut (cold) 2.95
Pickled Vegetables 2.95
Warm Red Cabbage 2.95
Creamy Potato Salad 2.95
German Potato Salad 2.95
Red Cabbage Salad 2.95
Chopped Salad 2.95
French Fries 2.95
Mashed Potatoes 2.95
Beef Chili 2.95
Sautéed Mushrooms 2.95
Bread Dumplings (Plain or Fried) 2.95
Bratkartoffeln 2.95
Home style Pan fried mini-potatoes
Bavarian Tater Tots 2.95
with bacon, cheese, onions
Cheese 'Spaetzle' 2.95
homemade pasta, swiss cheese, onions
Cheese Spread 2.95
camembert cheese with green onions and herbs
Bavarian Spread 2.95
homemade liverwurst with bacon, onions and herbs
Assorted Tray of Any 4 Sides 9.95

Vegetarian Dishes

Cheese Spaetzle with House Salad 11.95
Spaeztle with Mushroom Gravy & House Salad 12.95
Baked Cheese with House Salad 11.95
Camembert and Swiss cheese, breaded and fried.

Kid's Menu

All meals include a toy and soda

Bavarian Meatloaf 4.95
Served w/ French Fries  
Bavarian Hamburger 4.95
Served w/ French Fries, Cheddar Cheese and sweet pickles
Hot Dog & Bun 4.95
Served w/ French Fries
Chicken Fingers 4.95
Served w/ French Fries


Bacon Crumbles 1.50
Roasted Peppers & Onions 1.50
Grilled Onions 1.50
Grilled Curry Onions 1.50

German Specialties

All Specialties are served with any 2 sides of your choice

Weiner Schnitzel (Pork) 16.95
Weiner Schnitzel (Chicken) 16.95
Weiner Schnitzel (Veal) 18.95
Vienna Sausages 13.95
Authentic Vienna Sausages. Served boiled
Pilzrahm Schnitzel 16.95
Pork loin in mushroom gravy served w/ Spaetzle and Warm Red Cabbage
Bavarian Pork Roast 16.95
Generous slices of tender Pork Roast in Mushroom Gravy
Baby Back Ribs Bavarian Style 16.95
Oven Roasted Baby Back Ribs in Honey & Mustard Marinade
Crispy Garlic Whole Hen 17.95
Pan Fried Garlic Whole Game Hen
Bavarian Meatloaf 13.95
Beef Rouladen (Bavarian Beef Rolls) 16.95
Thin sliced Beef rolled up w/ Smoked Ham, pickles, onions and mustard
Bavarian Beer Goulash 16.95
Beef goulash in dark beer gravy served w/ Spaetzle and Warm Red Cabbage
Sauerbraten 17.95
Marinated beef roast served w/ Spaetzle and Warm Red Cabbage
Farmers Plate 17.95
Smoked Kassler Pork Chop, Nuerenberger Bratwurst in Beer Gravy
Bavarian Pork Shank 24.95
Giant smoked, oven roasted Pork Shank in Beer Gravy. Enough for two!

Soup and Salad

Soup of the day 5.95
BB Caesar Salad 8.95
Romaine Lettuce, Homemade Caesar Dressing, Parmesan Cheese, Garlic Croutons
Add 2.00 extra for Chicken Fingers or Grilled Chicken
Wurstsalat (Swiss Cold Cut Salad) 8.95
Swiss Cheese, Bologna, Pickles, Onions w/ vinaigrette dressing  
Chopped Salad 3.95
Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Green Onions, Blue Cheese
Choice of House Vinaigrette, Ranch, or Blue Cheese dressing


Apfel Strudel 5.95
Granny Smith Apples, caramelized Almonds, Rum Raisins, Hint of Cinnamon, served with Whipped Cream  
Kaiserschmarrn 6.95
Homemade Pancake Soufflé w/ Rum Raisins and Berry Jam topped w/ caramelized Almonds served w/ Whipped Cream  
Bavarian Cream 4.95
Homemade Pudding Dessert. Vanilla or Coffee  

draft beer

Three draft beers, specifically brewed for Brats Brothers. Our brews are handcrafted and NOT pasteurized.
1/2 liter 1 liter
Brats Brothers' Orange Blossom Lager (ABV 5.5%) 8 15
Amber Lager made with fresh Orange peels
Brats Brothers’ IPA (ABV 6.5%) 8 15
Slightly bitter with a full hoppy finish
8 oz Brats Brothers' Whiskey Barrel (ABV 12%) 8 14
Whiskey barrel aged Amber Lager
Paulaner Munich Original Lager, Germany (ABV 4.9%) 8 15
Subtle, light and elegant Hoppy Taste
Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier, Germany (ABV 5.5%) 8 15
Sparklingly mild and fruity with a delicate yeast flavour.
Franziskaner Hefe-Weissbier, Germany (ABV 5.0%) 8 15
Crispy, Rereshing, Spicy & Fruity.
Franziskaner Dunkel Hefe-Weissbier, Germany (ABV 5.0%) 8 15
Aromatic & Full Bodied, Refreshing Finish.
Warsteiner Premium Verum, Germany (ABV 4.8%) 8 15
Classic German Pilsener with Mild, Crispy Hop Tone with a Slightly Tart Taste.
Warsteiner Oktoberfest, Germany (ABV 5.8%) 8 15
Malty & Very Mildly Bitter Taste.
Warsteiner Premium Dunkel, Germany (ABV 4.8%) 8 15
Special Combination of Bitter & Aroma Hops, Well-Balanced Mild-Hoppy.
Hoegaarden Witbier, Belgium (ABV 4.9%) 8 15
Flavored with coriander and orange peel, creating a sweet & sour taste.
Spaten Original Lager, Germany (ABV 5.2%) 8 15
Light Bodied & Quite Effervescent, Light Floral Spice.
Spaten Optimator, Germany (ABV 7.6%) 8 15
Rich & Malty, Dark Fruit, Fennel & Liquorice Flavours.
Spaten Oktoberfest, Germany (ABV 5.9%) 8 15
Medium bodied with roasted malt flavor and the perfect amount of hops.
Radeberger Pills, Germany (ABV 4.8%) 8 14
Light to Medium in body and powdery crisp mouth feel.
Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen, Germany (ABV 2.5%) 7 13
Light to Medium in body and powdery crisp mouth feel.


Premium Bottled Beer, Cider 7
Premium Bottled Beer Non-Alcoholic, Germany 6

House Wine Selection

Glass Bottle
Riesling, Germany 8 28
Cabernet Sauvignon 7 24
Sauvignon Blanc 7 24
Chardonnay 7 24

All our sausages are handmade by European trained specialty butchers without MSG, artificial fillers or flavors.
Only the best and leanest quality meats and natural casings are used.


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